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Catalina's Hot Sauce

The History of Salsa

Salsa is the Spanish term for sauce, and in English-speaking countries, it usually refers to the sauces typical of Mexican cuisine, especially used for dips or condiments on top of food dishes.  They are usually tomato based although there are many types that have no tomato at all.  Salsa is typically spicy to various degrees, from very mild to extremely hot.  Most salsa or hot sauces are a mixture of chiles, tomatoes and other spices.

Salsa can be traced to the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas people. When the Spaniards conquered Mexico in approximately 1520, they first encountered tomatoes.  The Aztec lords combined chili peppers with tomatoes, ground squash seeds, and put the resulting salsa primarily on turkey, venison, lobster, and fish.

Once you try Catalina’s Red Chile Hot Sauce, an authentic Mexican recipe, you’ll taste the difference and want it for your dinner table!